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Acerca de

le bien-vivant

our philosophy

as manhattan beach's first experiential design shoppe, le bien-vivant  is a mélange of vibrant, soulful coastal living. with our design influences from harlem to hermosa beach (and all the way to the sleepy seaside village in hyères,)  we push well beyond the tipping point to introduce our distinct lifestyle flavor.

our well curated shoppe sells bespoke furniture, products and custom furnishings which actualize the joys of both interior and outdoor living. we carry many specialty home items that will rotate seasonally, and everything featured in the shoppe will be crafted predominately from french and american artisans. le bien-vivant draws its design inspiration for your home through playful yet soulful afro-french overtures, and we offer project management and design services to clients worldwide.

to understand who we are,

you must learn the translation, definition, and correct pronunciation of le bien-vivant!

who we are


As is stated in the name, le bien-vivant IS the epitome of

“the good living!”


we love design…I mean we really love it. we are the IT place for what a "home with soul" is! we are bringing this soulfulness deep from harlem, ny, across the country and all the way back to you in hermosa and manhattan beach. design is something to be felt…as well as seen. we took a spin on coastal living, from all the influences of our afro french culture. our aim is to intimately touch the spirit of your design project and infuse it will more soul than anyone thought possible.


to learn the correct pronunciation of le bien-vivant, repeat the following:
le — say "le" like "lieu" when saying "in lieu of" but forget about the "i": [leu]
bien—say "bien" like Queen Bey, and don’t say the “ce”.  Beyonce: [beyon]. If you can’t say this, maybe we should stop here.
vivant—say "vivant" starting with viv pronounced with a hard E [veev], think “Viva La France!!” then for "ant", add a “queens language” formal nod to your parents sister, pronounced [aunt] and, no not like the little insect! and don't pronounce the "t" at the end!  Altogether, it goes something like this: [veevaunt]

Okay, let’s repeat: le bien-vivant


à propos de moi

the designer behind
le bien-vivant

based in new york and manhattan beach, i specialize in hospitality, commercial and residential projects. le bien-vivant provides personalized interior architecture, spatial planning solutions and décor for both new construction and existing structures, with an emphasis on maintaining the integrity of the space; always opting for an environmentally conscious design. we create luxurious, gorgeously decadent environments where clients feel relaxed, comfortable and connected. my diverse portfolio reflects a deep passion for fluid, modern lines that invoke warm, inviting spaces with understated elegance.

- antoinette

lbv_about_eloise and vivian.jpg

our everyday inspiration

éloïse and vivian

ten years in the making, le bien-vivant is a revelation of love honoring the strong women in my family. their energetic presences throughout my life have coaxed out this expressions in spirit, presence and joy that can be found in the shoppe.


named especially for my mother vivian, her mother eloise ... and myself ...le bien-vivant gives modern expression to divine feminine energy and embodies the art of LIVING.

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